Rapt by Our Duality


Rapt by your face, a vista of silhouettes imploring unknown amplitudes of desire.

Trapped by your grace, a feast of holy-unholy provenance at your naked form.

Fixed by your gaze, rife with exquisite universes and shuddering purpose.

This dreamlike maze, lost in your fecund core, running towards and away

From the haze, the shimmering mirage of absolution within your touch.

Oh to deface, to disgrace, to rephase my indecent senses in this myriad desire.

You are the phantasm, the delicate-indelicate cosmic flower pouring pollen, seeds, potentiality, pleasure across my stamen-like fortitude.

I am yin, the fixity of primal hunger and you are yang, the lapping, nutrient ocean.

Let our black and white duality entwine, right now, in endless creation…

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The Immutable Beauty of Being


An accolade fell in the dream, a touch from a fateful hand. I felt humanity’s narrow warmth grow exponentially to an evolved future beyond recollection. These were the days of starlight, the visionary actuality of a human possibility which reached into the atomic aesthetics of love, of beauty, of non-deified divinity. This lies within us all, this latent wellspring of unsurpassable peace and compassion. There is an immutable joy, an infarct, a wordless meme of blinding, ferocious beauty right at your very core, every corpuscle, scintilla, dendrite, neuron a microcosmic burgeoning of truly unbelievable profusion. Our descendants will reap all of this wonder…

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The Great Beauty of Two-Into-One

Image result for aurorae of nebulae

I wanted to Beckett this heart, fuse these firing synapses with the nonsense of pure schematic. How angular and distracted are these moments of acuity amidst the oracular chaos of destiny assured ahead, all actions not actions but movements in the grandiosity of unknowable primacy, of exquisite sheer impugned anticlockwise joy.  How words how obscure yet how enlivened this unrivalled sense of being more than one, of unification into the all-encompassing unity of time, shards of glass-like sand melting in unison of aurorae born of heat, of hunger and the satiation of the genetic fury of the great beauty of two-into-one, of unison, of harmony in the staccato thunder of the great clouds of gas, stretching eons of light years back to creation, to the origin of each and every breath, the one, whole, passing, endless, contradictory, lucid tale.

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Music Unbounded

Sounds abound like rebounds in planetary orbits,

Glories befall all who clamour starward and

Divine is this path, uncovered is this music, aloud

With the rivens and wroughts of my ascendance.

You transcended me with music that cried

With the nucleus of desiring atoms, engendered

Me with knowings beyond my reach and

I bowed, evaporate, distilled, vapourise up, up

The sky, the earth I was, as sound traversed a revolving

Aeon, a time in space, a space in the universe

Opened by the chasm of the great progenitor…by music unbounded.

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You are the All

I inhabit this earth with you, our synchronised time alive with possibility.

I inhabit you inhabit me, I live your love and I love your living wonder.

I wonder, I wonder how this can be, this loving beauty of connection.

I connect around you, inside you, without, within I am but me minus you.

I am but an entity, an entity drawn to you and your pollen, your grace.

You inhabit me, this world I am of you, this sound this touch of yours.

You are the entity of my endless creation, I am created by the smell of you.

You are the lip, the ear, the hair I know, the soft and the smooth.

You are the entirety of my disrobed  embodiment, you, you.

You are the all. The taste, the sweetness, a breath, a tingle an endless song of beauty.

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Enthralled by Dreams of You


Translucent, vehement, denatured, your glaring glow heated the earthen shadows. Your glancing glare wrought hunger in my veins and I could easily have loved your shape, your hue, your soul. Your aura held me fixed, you passed through me as you left. You left and you were gone and I grappled for your essence, vapours of you betwixt my senses, the visionary taste of you, elusive, effusive only too diffuse, gone. Gone. The dream remains, only, of kissing your downy nape, alluring navel, pensive tongue, small of back, your porcelain milkiness infusing my lust, catalysing a twisting embrace of naked words, down, down to the double-helix of our entwining cells. Such dream, this,  rapture of your every word, each sinew and flow of your curve, each essence of our exchange too heavenly, too much, too febrile. You were gone but the seismic dream enthralls me still.

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Caffé Nero Vignette


Usurped and bombarded by a sensory attack – sun through glass, clattering cups, background music, chattering mums – the surface of this coffee, rippled with tiny bubbles, looked like a little universe in this light. Then I saw exquisite ankle, breast, lip in next seat, hair with the sheen of soft and fragrant allure, my hunger wandering off with my thoughts. Then coffee again, its cosmos crema decimated by my lips, suddenly firing its acrid sweetness across my yearning taste buds. Now the magnified sun has strengthened its grip on my focus, briefly. The hair, the beauty stands up and walks away into my translucent gaze, her image looming smaller then gone from all view, all dream, all possibility. In the cup now, some grounds. The remnants of a passing visit, the waitress already cleaning beauty’s abandoned table. I must depart soon too, frivolity done, moment gone, barely subscribed to memory. Onwards we must roll, vignette at a time. I will stand and I will leave in all but seconds, and one more piece of history will not have been made. Time slips away unbounded…

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