I hate that I know that the day will come

When you rue the path that can’t be undone,

Prayers lost in time, empty Decalogue,

Imploring a new sun to burn the fog

Distilling in droplets like infinite tears 

For a destiny gone, denied by fears

So long ago, so sad, so misconceived

As sin, morals and codes blindly believed 

As somehow given, in all but a veil 

To hide from the truth of a love beyond pale. 

(c) Kosmogonic 2016



Rotating Earth, spin me a guise,
Leading mankind not to despise
Our souls, his tears, your cry
Of despair; why you said, why?
I do not know I said, soaring
Away like firefly embers from roaring
Flames atop the camps of ages;
Travellers, nomads, warriors, sages;
Answerless all, devoid of power
Beneath graceful glorious meteor shower.
Oh, sky of racing certainty and fire,
Drench us, me, you, he, she with desire,
So that we may want only the glory
Of peace, of joy, of touch in this endless story
Of celestial mystery, of infinite reach,
Of twisting galaxies, a primal truth to teach
Us in the day of our cloudless sundown,
The final day, above, below, reckoning unbound…
The day of closure, the great starry breath
Of embrace awaiting us all, one day, in death.

(c) Kosmogonic 2016